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It's time to fight for a city that supports our working families. Charlotte can become a place where equity and inclusion is the norm, not the exception. The only way to do that is together.


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Jorge is a community advocate, successful businessman, and father. 

When I was growing up, living in a poor neighborhood like mine meant you were going to stay poor – no matter how hard you worked.

That reality is still true today, especially in Charlotte.

In a time where the zip code you're born in determines where you end up, I'm an anomaly for having defied the odds. But I shouldn't be.


We are at a pivotal moment in the history of Charlotte, where every action and inaction will determine the kind of city our children will inherit.

We deserve a champion who will work to unify our city. We've talked enough as a community, now it's time for action. That's why I'm running for the Charlotte City Council, At-Large.


I hope you'll join us on this journey!





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